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AMBO Cleaning Solutions is a cleaning service that has its clients at heart. We have a passion for cleaning and pride ourselves in providing high standard cleaning services to our clients facilities and premises, giving them quality time to enjoy the things they love doing the most. From humble beginnings as a small one-person business, we are gradually scaling into an expert service that offers a range of high quality, sustainable and proficient cleaning services across Greater Manchester.

At AMBO Cleaning Solutions, we love to work at the heart of our clients’ businesses and in partnership with our clients. So far, we have successfully designed tailored cleaning service solutions that aligns with the needs of many, and have taken effective steps to deliver the best outcome.

Presently our cleaners are based in Manchester, but as we strive towards achieving our aim of ‘becoming the one-stop shop of everyone requiring cleaning services across Greater Manchester‘, we are working hard to employ staffs across Greater Manchester, to provide us the edge of supplying our services in a much more flexible manner and at a more competitive rate.

Meet the team


At ABMO Cleaning Solutions, we strive to be the best. This can be made evident in our current recruits, whom we are gradually nurturing to become highly skilled cleaning experts with a good knowledge of cleaning chemicals, hazard awareness, proper storage methods and disposal techniques.

From the point of recruitment, our employees are all well valued, nurtured to have good manners, trained and celebrated. These qualities have somehow allowed us to deliver quality service to our clients, and to efficiently build and maintain positive relationships within our internal team and with external clients.

Mission Statement



We aim for excellence in all endeavors

We aim to always exceed expectations

We aim to promote professionalism and efficiency at all times.

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