AMBO Cleaning Solutions was first established as a single-person run business in Manchester. Things have gone really well, as we now have employees who we can rely on to carry out brilliant cleaning services across Greater Manchester.

The business has three parts focusing on different types of cleaning and are open to provide cleaning services 7 days a week.

Our Services

How We Work

  • We provide free estimates with no obligations, and we will happily customise your cleaning
  • No contracts for domestic and one-off cleanings, so the pressure is on us
  • We have ID’s confirming our identity
  • A supervisor is onsite for every one-off service we provide
  • We provide 6 months free cleaning supplies at no extra cost for regular cleanings (if required).
  • For one-off services, we work in teams to ensure effectiveness
  • For regular cleaning, we provide permanent cleaners to ensure efficiency
  • Guaranteed satisfaction every time
  • We carry out background checks on our employees
  • We have employers liability insurance for all our employees and temporary staffs

One-Off Services


When it comes to one-off cleaning, AMBO Cleaning Solutions take time to find out exactly what our clients need to be cleaned as part of the one-off cleaning. We are always looking to help you in whatever way we can and our focus is always on customers’ satisfaction. To achieve this, we make sure we provide an excellent cleaning service by listening closely to our customer’s requirement. In just one day, we will do everything you would like which will make your home spotless.

One-off services are discounted for regular customers, so you will be getting a lot for less! For our other clients, we will take one payment off you, for a full professional clean; we hope this leads to a subscription!

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Services

We understand that the feeling of everything being dirty and needing cleaning can be really overwhelming. We also understand that cleaning can be tough when the kids, work, school and life in general can keep us all so busy!

A weekly subscription and we will do all the cleaning duties, tailored to your needs; you appreciate a clean space and we love it.

For those whose property do not require the frequency of a weekly clean, or those a little less edgy about the mess, we also desire to clean your home and we will do everything you wish could be done.

Monthly Services


The just-right monthly clean!

Get this, and every month our cleaners will help you to knock out some of the items that you may have forgotten about, which needs cleaning or disposing of.

We will make sure that your property is spick and span every month.

Leave the Cleaning to AMBO


Let AMBO Cleaning Solutions do all the dirty work, we are always at your service. We aim to tailor our services to meet individual needs and are always open for a chat with our clients.

Call today! We will endeavour to provide you with a personal cleaning plan that gives your home that "spotless" feeling right away.

Call now!

What Makes Us Different?

Cost Efficient and Effective

AMBO Cleaning Solutions offers a cost effecient and effective cleaning service. Our prices are so competitive, we can guarantee you will never find anything better for less!

Whether you’re in search of an office clean, residential clean, spring clean, deep clean or anything else, we sure will be able to help.

Flexible and Reliable

When it comes to cleaning your property, AMBO Cleaning Solutions always goes the extra mile for our clients. We are always open for a chat with our clients, and operate a quick response time to all new and existing enquiries. We value our customers and always aim to tailor our services to meet individual needs.

Whether you be a new or existing customer, we always endeavour to provide individuals with personal cleaning plans that gives their home that "spotless" feeling right away.

Garanteed Satisfaction

We are dedicated to creating a long-lasting relationship. To achieve this, we provide all our clients with the highest quality of service, with the ultimate goal of bringing you satisfaction and retaining your trust and confidence. This is why every service rendered by AMBO Cleaning Solutions is done with attention to detail and care for your space. Ensuring that when we finish, you are left with outstanding results!

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