How to Make Your Home Clean Without Pressure or Stress

Useful Cleaning Routines

While waiting for the team of expert cleaners to arrive, do you feel the itch to start a full cleaning on your own? If yes, then is it because your property/space feels untidy and uncomfortable?

If your answer remains 'yes', then here are some handy tips that will make you start feeling happy and more relaxed at home, practiced on a daily basis:

  1. Set small goals: Instead of trying to go through the entire house, do small cleans by picking just one room to clean each day
  2. Stop and Stare: Before starting, look around you and try to get into the shoes of a cleaner, spotting the things that don’t belong there and needs to be removed 
  3. Set 5 priorities: From your short inspection, make a mental pick of the 5 things you’ve seen sitting around the house that need to be moved by the time you’re done with this declutter session.
  4. Set a timer: Before starting, decide a time frame and set a timer for yourself. Don’t just do some cleaning – know exactly how much time you will invest!
  5. No Mercy - Battle with the enemy: There’s no need to put all the tiny receipts and bills at the right place; as long as they are sitting around the wrong place, they are likely to be unwanted. Pick a box, put it in one special corner, and throw in every single piece of paper, empty containers, etc. that you bump into within your set cleaning space.

Now imagine how clean your space will look when you have removed everything from the floor, everything that annoyed you the most will be all gone!

If you have the feeling that this method of skimming the room and the cleaning process doesn’t really fit you, you can consider these options:

  • Investing more time doing daily cleaning: With this method, you can preserve and keep your calm, and as the days go by, the differences will become visible.
  • Fill your trash bag as fast as you can: Getting rid of all the unnecessary (including things that needs to throw away and things that needs to be donated) will suddenly make your home look better and make you feel better.

We hope these simple practice can help you build a habit and make you feel a lot more comfortable, but it goes without saying that you also have the option of contacting AMBO Cleaning Solutions to help with decluttering and cleaning your property faster than any method presented above!